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Mapping Australia’s social institutions: perceived intentions and competence drive perceptions of leadership, social licence and trust

In these five charts, we map Australia’s social institutions in terms of their perceived intentions and competence. Although public perceptions of government institutions are our focus, the meaning of these perceptions only becomes clear in the context of a full mapping of the institutions measured by the Australian Leadership Index.

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For the good of all or self-serving? Five charts on how Australians view the public integrity of federal government, 2018-2021

The issue of public integrity has become increasingly prominent in recent years. In this report, we analyse public perceptions and expectations of federal government integrity from October 2018 to December 2021, focusing on public perceptions of federal government leadership for the public good, ethics and morality, transparency, and accountability.


Is agile and hands-on leadership effective for the greater good?

Despite some of the negative publicity surrounding charities in Australia and overseas, Australians overwhelmingly view charities as leading for the greater good compared to other institutions. But why is this the case? Apart from their premise of helping others, how do charities sustain these perceptions more broadly?


Leading for the greater good in the private sector requires bold statements on climate change

Australia has come under international criticism for the carbon emission reduction targets set out in the Long-Term Emissions Reduction Plan, with most saying that the net zero by 2050 target is neither fast nor aggressive enough. In recent months, however, with NewsCorp changing its stance on climate change reporting, and public discourse around climate change accelerating, the private sector faces significant pressures to take climate action.


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