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Responsible leadership in times of constant change: The role of psychological safety

Before many of us moved to working from home more regularly, organisational behaviour literature and popular business-related op-eds centred around achieving work-life balance. The new buzz word is work-life blend or work-life integration. Working remotely, usually from where we live, makes it difficult to shut off after work or to segment our work into the once traditional work day.

Australian parliament house of representatives

For the good of all or self-serving? Five charts on how Australians view the public integrity of federal government, 2018-2021

The issue of public integrity has become increasingly prominent in recent years. In this report, we analyse public perceptions and expectations of federal government integrity from October 2018 to December 2021, focusing on public perceptions of federal government leadership for the public good, ethics and morality, transparency, and accountability.


Is agile and hands-on leadership effective for the greater good?

Despite some of the negative publicity surrounding charities in Australia and overseas, Australians overwhelmingly view charities as leading for the greater good compared to other institutions. But why is this the case? Apart from their premise of helping others, how do charities sustain these perceptions more broadly?


Leading for the greater good in the private sector requires bold statements on climate change

Australia has come under international criticism for the carbon emission reduction targets set out in the Long-Term Emissions Reduction Plan, with most saying that the net zero by 2050 target is neither fast nor aggressive enough. In recent months, however, with NewsCorp changing its stance on climate change reporting, and public discourse around climate change accelerating, the private sector faces significant pressures to take climate action.


Explainer: the common good and why it matters more than ever

Although the term ‘civilisation’ has less currency today than it once did (Armstrong, 2009), most people see themselves as living in a civilisation (Saul, 2009). As observed by the political philosopher John Ralston Saul, this understanding tends to be centred on a sense of shared destiny: on shared interests, collective purpose, and a common future. Seemingly abstract, the idea of shared destiny is actually quite familiar. Colloquially, we know this as the common good or its synonyms: the public or greater good.

Leadership written in chalk on a blackboard

Reflections on the common good and the future of leadership for the common good

Leadership for the common good requires an individual and collective ability and willingness to overcome our Manichaean tendencies. It calls on us to foster the conditions that make it possible to imagine how apparent contradictions can be reconciled. And it calls on us to cultivate the conditions in which we can develop a sense of shared reality, collective purpose, and shared destiny.

A person holding a plant in their hand

The paradox of virtue signalling

While a brand can align itself with and support social causes, ultimately, its existence relies on generating revenue and profit. As such, positioning a brand as virtuous is a challenging and, at times, paradoxical task for marketing practitioners.


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